CBD Basics for Women Over 65

CBD Basics for Women Over 65

by Rebecca Abraham
Dec 10, 2020

For women over 65, the first step is to unlearn misinformation forced upon them about cannabis, particularly before the year 2000.

A vast majority of information shared during that time frame was not based on scientific facts. This is the biggest and most critical hurdle for individuals to overcome. The paradigm has however changed very quickly, from “cannabis is harmful and a gateway drug” — think “reefer madness” — to “cannabis, hemp, and CBD is the latest new thing to contribute towards our health since the invention of antibiotics”. I spend enormous amounts of time clarifying incorrect cannabis information my clients learned from the 60s — and many are refreshingly surprised at the evidence based, scientific information that is available to them. They just need help navigating it. And that is where my role as a certified cannabis nurse comes into play to ensure my clients have the right information.

The second step is to discuss CBD use with your physician and/or obtain a cannabis nurse.

This step is important even if someone is only using CBD for recreational purposes. Most adults over the age of 65 are on at least one medicine. This particular group is also at risk for developing more chronic and acute illnesses. Open conversations regarding your cannabis use and questions with credible and knowledgeable physicians and nurses is vital. See my prior blog for this step.

The third most important step is to understand dosing.

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