CBD Basics for Women Over 65

The fastest growing population of CBD users is people over the age of 65. Benefits of CBD use for adults in this age range are abundant. In studies from as early as 1991, cannabinoids have been shown to have powerful anti-inflammatory benefits with minimal…

by Rebecca Abraham
Dec 03, 2020

CBD is everywhere and extremely popular. Doctors don’t prescribe this substance, so why does it matter if they know it or not?

It matters.

You should be discussing any cannabis use, even CBD, with your doctor.

For some patients, it may be…

by Rebecca Abraham
Dec 02, 2020

A cannabis nurse is a relatively new field in nursing. When I tell people I am a cannabis nurse they usually have no idea what that means.

Cannabis Nursing: A New Dope Specialty


Acute on Chronic believes in educated guidance to cannabis, alternative therapies, supplemental treatments, and support navigating a complex health system.

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